photo courtesy June Goldman
I'm the Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in the Office of Undergraduate Education of the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers–New Brunswick. I'm also a teacher, a philosopher, and a father.

A brief biography: born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, I received my BA in philosophy from UC Berkeley in 2003. After graduating, I spent a year in Minneapolis, Minnesota before returning to California to begin my graduate studies in philosophy at UCLA. While at UCLA I also taught philosophy at UCLA Extension. In 2012 I received my Ph.D. and moved to New Haven, Connecticut as a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Whitney Humanities Center and the Department of Philosophy at Yale University. In 2014—after fifteen years away—I returned to Ohio as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at The Ohio State University. In 2015 I returned to Los Angeles to join UCLA Extension as Program Director for the Humanities and Social Sciences, where I was proud to help build the DVX program and the UCLA Prison Education Program. In 2018 I accepted my current position and my family and I moved ourselves yet again, this time to the garden state.

If I could send a piece of advice to myself circa 2003, it would be: be prepared to move a lot.

I'm interested in ethics, philosophy of action, and political philosophy. My current research focuses on moral responsibility, free will, and the metaphysics and justification of punishment.